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Rely heavily on visual content

Visual Content is one of the most important means of modern advertising. In the past, visual marketing content was based on television ads and movie theatres. But now, after the spread of social media platforms that rely on publishing animated visual content in particular, such as videos on Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok, static and mobile visual content such as Instagram, and Pinterest and other hundreds of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which in addition to its reliance on written texts is the visual content Among the basics of these platforms are videos and photos. So, in this article, we will talk about visual content, its history, its types, and how it affects your brand.

  •  Increase brand awareness by 70%.
  •  Increased sales by 34%
  •  Increase visits to your site by 50% more than before.

visual content synonym

visual content examples such as images, videos, GIFs, and many other types such as infographics and comics, which helps to build an emotional relationship with the consumer and thus increase the volume of business.

visual Content statistics

The human mind deals with visual content better than dealing with audio or written content, as it tends to retain information for a longer period, but visual content helps build consumer motivation to buy 10 times more than other types of marketing content.
It is also one of the features of the visual content that helped to spread it in this expanded form
that is
Visual content is more fun than its written and audio counterparts. Using colours, movement, motion graphics and other tools to move images and videos make the content more exciting and enjoyable than others.

A full story of the product can be told within 30 seconds through the visual content.

Visual content is easy to understand, through which complex operations can be explained and difficult to explain.

In the process of purchasing a product or manufacturing method
More credible. Through visual customer reviews of the product, the consumer feels more credible and desires to buy the product more and more to stimulate people who have used this product and had great experiences with it.
 – Also, one of the advantages of visual content is that it is shareable, as small videos that do not exceed 45 seconds are attractive for all ages. Young and old can share it with their friends and family.
Visual content enhances your visibility in the engines by writing the appropriate and accurate description of the videos and images, as it contributes mainly to the appearance of your content in the first search results.

SPOTSEGY is an Audio and video production Company Whose visual content creator and one of the most important Video Production companies in the Middle East in producing visual content. We started in 2008 as a production company working under several large agencies in Egypt. In a short time, we were able to gain the trust of our customers due to the high quality of our video production and competitive prices with the use of modern technologies that were not used at that—time in videography with virtual technology and modern multi-camera videography technologies for events, parties and conferences.

We have a group of professional directors and producers who are familiar with the latest technologies used in the implementation of the works that have been assigned to us and that have won the satisfaction of our clients from agencies in Egypt and abroad.

We can create and implement all video formats for the benefit of our clients at an affordable cost and the highest quality

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Visual content for Digital Marketing

Our great experience in the field of video production was the main support for us to produce videos that suit all the needs of our customers, whether for their websites, communication platforms or video presentations for their large projects.


Producing clear and engaging text for various advertising channels such as websites, print ads, catalogues and video scripts, including keyword research, producing interesting written content and auditing work for accuracy and quality. Video content for social media. Our great experience in the field of video production was the main support for us to produce videos that suit all the needs of our clients, whether for their websites, multiple communication platforms or presentations for their large projects.

Types of visual content in KSA

Edification Visual Content Type in KSA

It is content whose purpose is to spread a specific idea or an educational message through the use of videos or images to spread and simplify the idea. This type of visual content is very popular, especially with large organizations, international bodies and international community

organizations such as UNICEF and UNESCO. SPOTSEGY has great experience in this field of content The visible has SpotsEgy worked with UNICEF through an awareness video about measles and how to prevent it, using the story tale type in the video, by telling a social story to link the viewer’s awareness to the story to warn of the seriousness of the disease.

SPOTSEGY also cooperated with Al-Haddad Group, the largest e-commerce site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to produce an awareness video to limit the spread of the Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia and to ensure that the spread of the Covid-19 virus is limited by following peaceful health habits.

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Advertising or promotional visual content

It is called commercial advertising, and this type is the most prevalent and is very popular among all the previous sectors. This type of content targets a more significant user segment and is also needed by most large or small companies. With the spread of social media, it has become easy to make promotional and advertising videos or so-called advertisements. With the decrease in The cost of this type of compared to recently with television and radio advertisements. Making promotional videos has become one of the easiest things. SPOTSEGY is one of the largest companies specialising in this type of advertisement. SpotsEgy has produced advertisements for major companies in Egypt and the Arab world, especially in the Gulf countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

SpotsEgy has cooperated with the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as Al-Haddad Company for E-Commerce, which is the largest online store in Saudi Arabia, in a group of advertising videos.
SpotsEgy worked on creating high-quality video content and the latest technologies for the year 2023 that are compatible with the Saudi market.

  • Guided visual content

It is videos with instructions and instructions whose first goal is to help the consumer and guide him in the appropriate way to use the products. Also, the purpose of these videos is to ensure the safety of the product with the consumer for as long as possible by informing the user of the means of safety and protection through these video clips.

  • Videos of public events

It is also an illustrated visual content that is a video clip to congratulate national holidays and official occasions, such as the video content produced by SpotsEgy Company to celebrate the 89th National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Sports Visual Content in KSA

Promotional Sports Content Major sports organizations use this type of video content, whether they are videos or photos, to announce a specific local or international tournament, in order to speed up the spread of the visual from other types of written or official content and to reach a larger audience by publishing this type of promotional videos This is because it is known that this type of tournament needs a large audience to encourage the teams participating in the tournaments and achieving great gains. SpotsEgy also has a great deal of experience in collaborating to produce a special promotional video for the World Basketball Organization at the FIBA Championship 2019 that was held in Cairo.

How can Visual content types be impressive?

without a doubt, in the last 6 to 7 years There has been a terrible development in video content and new technologies have appeared in cameras, videos and photos and we have seen it all through HD, Full HD, 4K technology and other modern visual content technologies, so the field of visual content production has expanded almost through all social media platforms in addition to using these Modern technologies in the production of films, series and advertisements, as well as in historical and documentary films. Graphic technology has allowed the imagination to run wild, so the design of battles and entire cities do not need thousands of people, but only a professional film production company and graphic designers at the highest level. SPOTSEGY has this great experience through the use of Two-dimensional technology in the production of films and documentaries in its cinematic, artistic and advertising productions as well.

Let’s get acquainted with the most important visual content platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The latest and most important YouTube stats is a topic that every marketer must know and follow constantly, there is no doubt that YouTube has become the first and essential platform for sharing videos all over the world After just one year of launch, the platform had nearly 100 million views and 65 thousand daily video uploads different.

The YouTube platform is still on the throne of social media platforms and maintains its great position, as about 43% of the world’s population at the present time is considered active monthly users of the platform.

social media platform in ksa


is one of the most popular social media that sees billions of people every day, so Instagram marketing is one of the most important tools in the world of e-marketing to spread your brand and reach a large audience of potential customers. d know some important statistics, as they help you greatly in developing your e-marketing strategy and its success.

Through these statistics, you can determine the preferred type of content for your audience, find out the appropriate times to publish content, learn about the importance of choosing photos or videos to get followers’ posts, and many, many other important things.


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