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Video production

Our Agency started in 2008 as a production house working with several large agencies in Egypt. Now we are a creative content agency and production company creating films for broadcast, online and for the events industry. We deliver a full end-to-end production service, always working with the latest update to all modern equipment, getting us to film from our Main Studios facilities and on-location anywhere.

SpotsEgy- visual content ksa Marketing

Video content for social & Digital marketing

We have group of professional directors and producers that are aware of the latest technologies used in the implementation of the work that has been assigned to us, which has won the satisfaction of our clients from agencies in Egypt and abroad. We are able to create and implement all forms of video for the benefit of our customers at reasonable cost and highest quality 

Visual Media Production - KSA

Our great experience in the field of video production was the main supporter for us to produce videos that suit all the needs of our clients, whether for their websites, communication platforms or video presentations for their large projects

SpotsEgy-Visual Media Marketing

 SpotsEgy has a very distinguished business with major Gulf and Saudi companies. SpotsEgy has its studio specialising in professional design for the various requests of our clients, whether for e-marketing or offline marketing. We can provide you with all high-quality services within a short period.

Graphic Design

SpotsEgy is a leading company in the field of media and visual content industry in a way that is in the field of media and advertising industry since 2008, nearly fourteen years ago. During that time, it made many advertising materials for major companies and brands, as well as for many multinational and international organisations such as the United Nations, UNDP and UNESCO. Many international companies, such as Michelin tires and rubber, as well as Vodafone. Also,

Visual Content - SpotsEGY KSA

Graphic design is one of the most important tools for powerful and successful advertisements and films. It is a technology that has facilitated a lot for media and drama makers and relied on colours, image accuracy and visual effects. It has changed a lot in the media and cinema industry since then.